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Door of the Soul  

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Trainings & Workshops 

Groups, Staff, Leadership & Professional Organizations

Topics include but are not limited to the following list: 

  • Trauma informed training for direct care staff: (Residential, IOP, Outpatient groups, medical/dental practices, school systems, adventure-based, wilderness based programs, sober living, recovery residences, group home staff) 

  • Trauma training for clinical staff

  • NSSI: Non-Suicidal Self-Injury: Self injury, trauma & healing

  • Wilderness Therapy & Recovery

  • Healing of Wilderness for Trauma Survivors in Recovery 

  • Boundaries & Safety: Facilitators for Healing

  • Self-care for Women in Recovery

  • Young Adults in Recovery: Thirsty for Connection - Incorporating Spirituality

  • Understanding theTransgender Client - Establishing a Safe Clinical Environment 

  • Impact of Resiliency work with Trauma Survivors 

  • LGBTQI awareness, psychoeducation & training

  • Capacity for Courage & Connection (when working in a therapeutic community)

  • Attachment, Trauma, & Approval Obsession: How Technology impacts youth & adults when excavating wounds 

  • The Essential Needs of Filling My Cup First: The Value of Self-Care

  • Navigating Societal Gender Roles with Complex Trauma - Resolution & Healing

  •  Vicarious & Secondary Trauma: Working with the Layers of Client Trauma Wounds for Health Care Professionals 

Other topics may be available upon request.