Connection: Humanity's New Frontier
Healing begins from Within

Door of the Soul  

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Therapeutic Focus 
Walking through the Door of Courage 

 Populations of Focus

  • Adolescents (Ages 14-17) 

  • Young Adults (Ages 18-26)

  • Adults (Ages 27-80) 

(For all Ages: Individual therapy & Family systems therapy)


Areas of Focus

  • Anxiety and/or Panic 
  • Depression
  • Substance Abuse/Addiction 
  • Loved ones of those suffering with Addiction
  • Complex Trauma Resolution
  • Spiritual exploration
  • HIV/AIDS support & education
  • Attachment & connection challenges: romantic, friendships, co-workers, family, children
  • Sexual orientation: LGBQ friendly
  • Gender identity: Transgender & Gender nonconforming (therapy &/or Assessment for HRT and/ clinical readiness letter) 
  • Grief & Loss 
  • Self-harm behaviors (cutting, burning, hair pulling, punching, hitting, etc) 


Modalities of Therapy 

We believe in highly individualized care and utilize multimodal integration for therapy and healing.


  • talk therapy 
  • music 
  • guided imagery
  • Expressive arts therapy with various mediums
  • nature & wilderness experiential activities 
  • body based & movement (somatic and breath)

While my clients’ professions, ages, ethnicities, gender expressions, sexual orientations, religions, family backgrounds, and lifestyles vary widely, all of them share something in common: they are people who are in pain and who are at a point where they’re willing to commit and invest in themselves and in therapy in order to change and create something different in their lives.