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Client & Community Testimonials

"I have had the pleasure of working with Christy Plaice for the last three and a half years (as a client). When I met Christy I was a broken shell of a person with issues I wasn't even aware were creating such chaos in my life. Because of working with Christy and having someone I have a safe and trusting attachment to, I have been able to make strides in my life I didn't know were possible for myself. She is always there, especially when I've needed someone the most without judgment. I strongly recommend working with Christy, her therapy is life changing if you are open to it." ~ Client M.S. 

"I sat in on Christy Plaice providing a clinical training about Women, Recovery and Self Care. 

I enjoyed the training and found it to be very informative. She was clear and concise which I really appreciated. The material covered was up to date information and I will utilize to the fullest."  ~Therapist in Florida

Other Feedback on same training: "Loved it!"; "I really enjoyed it and found the information very useful;" and "They need your level of Competency in treatment."  Out of state Therapist 

"I'm grateful for your faith in my ability to continue making progress!!! I'm grateful for your enthusiasm and gentle encouragement to try new things. And for your support even when I'm not at my best, to learn from my mistakes rather than be defeated by them. Thank you for your ability to listen intently and offer balance perspectives." Client J. L. 

"Your workshop about LGBTQ Awareness was the most comprehensive LGBTQ workshop that I have ever attended."  Dr. Beverly Holloway-Marshall (abd), LPC

"One of the grandest validations for any human is the experience of being truly heard.  With a heart for compassion, care, concern and the ability to listen without judgment, Christy Plaice, is an exceptional therapist.  She holds the space for her clients in a way that is rare to find in the community making them feel validated, heard and cared for. She has a deep knowledge and wisdom that expands beyond the scope of treatment to something much deeper and fulfilling.  Her passion for her work is undeniable and is evident not only her work ethic but also in the way she walks in the world."   ~ Debbie Fisher, CHHC & Owner * Encompassing Life, LLC

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