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Door of the Soul  

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Thanks for visiting & Welcome! 
Welcome to Door of the Soul - a psychotherapy, counseling, & consulting practice.  
Whether you've been to therapy before or this is your first time ever, we value and respect your desire for healthy change in your life.

Areas of Professional Speciality
* Anxiety
* Desire to deepen awareness and connection to self & others 
* Depression
* Trauma & Complex Trauma resolution (acute & developmental trauma)
* Substance Abuse/Addiction
* Self-harm behaviors (cutting, burning, hair-pulling, picking, etc.)
* Panic attacks
* Grief & loss
* Disordered eating
* LGBQ population
* Gender identity (Transgender, Intersex, & gender nonconforming/non-binary)
* Spiritual exploration
* Interpersonal wounds connected with attachment styles & adaptations 

So where does the name 'Door the Soul' come from? 
Door of the Soul....Christy has loved doors for as long as she can remember. Old world, english tudor, mountain cabin, cathedral, moroccan, small, huge, purple, green, iron, barn wood, sea glass, mosaic, and the list could continue! 
She believes what has drawn her to the beauty, protection, and creativity of doors is that life is ever providing us with metaphorical "door" experiences and decisions to make: Walking through a new wide-open door, closing an old door, leaving a door cracked just enough to allow a little something through, barring & locking a door tight, re-painting a door, repairing how a door functions, creating a new door out of any materials we choose or tearing down.... slowly, a door that someone built for us that is no longer helpful or needed...or was ever wanted.  We all have doors in our lives. 
We would be honored to join with you in a compassionate collaborative atmosphere together.


Counseling, Life skills, Wellness planning,  Spiritual integrative support. Revealing the Heart-centered Warrior in all of us.  

Door of the Soul 

You get to choose when you open your own door, who comes in, who you want to stay out, and when your life reveals times choose a new door completely. 

Courage in the Layers

All layers in our lives are important and valuable. I'm here to support you in 'peeling' back & exploring a little more authentic and whole-hearted living.